Your savings directly impact your bottom-line with no impact to your employee benefits!


An Audit of your past year’s de-identified prescriptions establishes a benchmark of what you should be paying vs. what you paid the previous year. This audit gives you a historical look back to determine savings available to the plan.

· An Audit will give you leverage to negotiate a return from your PBM. Our audits of traditional PBMs always reveal spreads and hidden fees taken by your current PBM and not returned to the plan.

· The money returned to the plan, as a result of the audit, is sometimes more than 50 times the cost of the audit.

· We do not restrict your right to audit your plan. Your ability to audit allows for verification of our model.


· Our analysis of your past year’s de-identified prescription data provides a historical look back to determine savings available to the plan. 

· You decide to utilize our shared savings model if you are unable to change PBMs because the timing is not right or your agreement with your current PBM does not allow it. 

· We share in a percentage of the negotiated savings, less the cost of the analysis. 


· Convert your PBM to ours. It is a 100% Pass-Through, Transparent and          utilizes Fiduciary Standards.

· Receive monthly reports of the actual amount we reimburse the pharmacy.

· Retain 100% of the rebate dollars, and you are charged a single administrative fee per employee or per transaction per month.

Pharmacists' hands


  • Align the plan design to meet your objectives

  • Build the perfect pharmacy network for employee access

  • Select a value-driven, unbiased preferred drug list

  • Recoup all rebate dollars where and when they make sense

  • Educate your patients to improve health and happiness

  • Assemble the business intelligence necessary to better manage your healthcare dollars