Well Advised RX offers multiple ways to engage to help self-insured employers combat the misinformation campaign by PBMs and consultants.

The only way to determine your options is to look at the data. An analysis of your past year’s de-identified data will provide a benchmark of what you should have payed without spread pricing, a return of rebates and no conflicts of interest, utilizing an agreement based on fiduciary standards.


Convert your PBM to one that is a 100 % pass-through, transparent model, that utilizes fiduciary standards. You are provided with the actual cost (monthly) your PBM reimburses the pharmacy. You receive 100% of the rebate dollars, and you are charged a single administrative fee per employee or per transaction per month.


Well AdvisedRx will provide an analysis of your past year’s de-identified data to determine what you should be paying with return of rebates, no spread pricing, and no conflicts of interest. Once we determine that benchmark for your plan we help you negotiate a savings with your current PBM. In this model we are paid a percentage of the savings that you negotiate with your PBM. Of course this model is not a solution; it is only a band-aid.