"Choosing the Harder Right over the Easier Wrong"

Traditional, off-the-shelf solutions are easy. They can also be expensive. The healthcare and benefits industries are highly efficient at wasting your money or, at best, squeezing increased margins out of employers through non-transparent and conflicted approaches.  The road of innovation, focus, patience, negotiation, interrogation and analytics is not difficult. It’s just different…and effective.

At WellAdvisedRX we promise to take the less traveled path over the easier, traditional route. We view ourselves as fiduciaries of each client’s interests, which takes priority over industry relationships or our profits. We take the time necessary to find the best solution to meet your long-term needs. For us, the harder right is more than a choice; it’s a commitment.”

Over the last three decades, the pharmacy benefit management industry has evolved a series of internal practices that, very simply, increase the cost of pharmacy benefits to the clients they serve. Many PBMs routinely add margins (SPREAD PRICING) to generic prescriptions above what the pharmacies are reimbursed. They urge clients to use their company owned MAIL ORDER and SPECIALTY PHARMACIES to further profit at their clients expense.


Our philosophy is simple and straight forward: Negotiate a fair and fully disclosed administrative fee for our services, then get about the process of managing the client’s drug spend.


Our partner PBM was founded in 2001 by three pharmacists, each with unique experience in the pharmacy benefit market place: a PBM executive, a pharmacy school academician, and a large government group pharmacy plan consultant. While their backgrounds were different, their vision was the same: Each of the founders saw an industry need for an ethical and flexible manager of pharmacy benefits that would deliver transparency through revenue disclosures and partner with its clients utilizing fiduciary standards. The founders dedicated the company to meeting the needs of clients caught in a rapidly changing industry, where their interests and those of their members were not being properly served.

Independent of drug manufacturer and pharmacy provider influence or affiliation, our partner is free to develop unique, unbiased programs that conserve clinical value while maximizing cost savings for our clients.


  1. Provide us with 12 months of actual claims data.

  2. In two to four weeks you will receive a detailed analysis of the real costs of your Last year’s prescription spend

  3. Plan Performance Assessment to reveal

  • Spread pricing

  • Generic alternatives

  • Mail Order Abuse

  • Lost Rebate Dollars

  • Poor Formulary Management

  • And much more

Achieve your goals utilizing our Well AdvisedRx PBM strategies.

‘... when we wrote the check each month for our drug plan, I thought that the ingredient cost and dispensing fee charged were actually being paid to the pharmacy provider. I was amazed. For the first time I could actually see how much money was being retained by our PBM and how much we are saving with the help of WellAdvisedRx ... "

President of a Pittsburgh area manufacturer