Well AdvisedRx, an EMA Company, presents a paradigm shift in pharmacy benefits management for self-insured companies, reducing their prescription costs at no risk to the plan.

WE ARE A CONSULTANCY THAT DOESN'T JUST CONSULT. WE ACTUALLY PROVIDE A SOLUTION! We do not recommend the Traditional PBMs. They are not looking out for the best interests of their clients.


We utilize fiduciary standards to eliminate conflicts of interest, ensure transparency and expose the abusive practices used by Traditional PBMs that cost corporations $Millions.  

Traditional PBMs are owners of pharmacies and beholden to corporate profits. They are riddled with conflicts of interest and are not motivated to be a steward of your plan's best interests. They are costing you money.

Well AdvisedRx has partnered with a PBM that charges a single administrative fee. Our partner utilizes fiduciary standards in all agreements. They have no conflicts of interest, do not use spread pricing on generics, return all rebates and, through their enhanced care model, are able to provide specialty drugs at the lowest possible cost. Our PBM partner has no incentive to do anything except what is best for the plan.


The Department of Labor and a multitude of courts have ruled that PBMs are limited in how they can act as fiduciaries to the plan, making it extremely hard for the plan to control costs in a traditional PBM relationship. These rulings make it mandatory that we work closely with our clients, under the terms of ERISA, to ensure they are in compliance as the ultimate fiduciary to their plan.

Our Pledge

  • We promise to utilize fiduciary standards and eliminate all conflicts of interest

  • We promise to return all manufacturer revenue; including rebates, network discounts and all other manufacturer incentives, to the plan

  • We promise to accept a single administrative fee


Profit vs Patient

Traditional PBMs comprise the only unregulated segment of healthcare. They are set up to profit at your expense.

A new class of PBMs, that utilize fiduciary standards, and government policy makers, are lifting the veil from this segment of the industry to expose the abuse and control prescription costs.

The "jaw dropping" results produced by the state of Ohio's audit of its Medicaid prescription drug program (spread pricing of $224.8 million or 8.9%) should be enough to motivate corporations to examine, carefully, their PBM agreements.

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Learn the story of our people leading this paradigm change to create transparency in Pharmacy Benefit Management, by utilizing fiduciary standards, in the only unregulated segment of healthcare.

Fiduciary, Definition:

Integrity and fidelity, a duty to act always in the client’s best interest. Always exercising scrupulous good faith and candor. Simply put, fiduciaries must exhibit the highest form of trust and fidelity.”

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